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The Birth of Our Universe! Adi Parva_2

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So, earlier we mentioned how the passage of the historic events of Mahabharata occurred. Krishna Dwaipaya Vyasa passed it down to Sri Vaishampayana, who then Narrated the Mahabharata to Janamejaya, the son of Parakshit Raja, Grandson of Abhimanyu and Great Grandson of Arjun, who was one of the Pandavas. It was here, that Ugrashrava ji learnt of the Mahabharata. The Mahabharata Is narrated by Ugrashrava ji to the Rishis in Shaunaka Muni’s Ashram, and we learn of this history through Ugrashrava Sauti.

As mentioned in the previous episode, the Sages requested that Mahabharata be narrated to them. With that, Ugrashrava Sauti begins…..

…I bestow my obeisance to the transcendental eloquence of Shri Hari, The Supreme father of all that has ever existed, and all that will ever exist. He is the cause of all action, and inaction, remaining forever untouched by either. I bow in surrender to the absolute and only embodiment of truth, as I begin the narration of this unfathomable historic distinction, The Mahabharata.

Inside a cave in the Himalayan Mountain of Talahati, sat upon the purifying Kusha Grass in deep Tapa (Meditation), Krishna Dwaipayana Vyas Ji. With the power of his tapasya, he observed, as a first-person witness (Pratakshya), the complete happenings of the Mahabharata, from the beginning till its end.

For background, there are multitudes of universes. Here we are speaking of the universe created by our very own, 4 headed Brahmaa (Chatur mukhi brahmaa). So before the creation of this universe, there was no differentiation of life as existence in the leela vibhuti, the world remained without name or form, there was no light, darkness pervaded the cosmos. Then suddenly, there appeared an indestructible spheroid seed (Beej as it is called in Sanskrit). The Beej was born at the beginning of this creation.

Bhagawana Shreeman Narayana entered the beej (Antarayami) as a divine light (Jyoti) (Tat shristwa tade vanu pravishat- Yajur Veda). Bhagawan Narayana, Also refered to as Brahma, is all pervading and unfathomable (avyakta), most rudimentary (sukshma), cause of all that exists (kaarana swaroopa). He is all that is true and all that remains.

Please make a note of the 2 names, Brahma and Brahmaa. Brahmaa is the creator of this Universe. Brahma, or Brahman is another name of the absolute reality, the supreme Bhagawana, Shreeman Narayana.

From the beej, the first physical existence of life was born. Brahmaa was born from this beej as was rudra. Then the 21 Prajapati which include 14 manus, and 7 Rishis called sapta rishis were born. There after Pracheta, Daksha and the seven sons of Daksha (Krodha, Tama, Dama, Vikrita, Angira, Kardama and Ashwa) were born. Then the Vishwadevas were born (Adityas, Vasus and the Ashwini Twins). Then the Yakshas, Sadhyas, Pisachas and the Guhyakas, and then the Pitris. Then the most holy Brahmarishis and the numerous Ejarishis distinguished by their nobel quality appeared. From this spheroid Beej, water, the 14 lokas, air, space, the 10 directions (N, S, E, W, NE, SE, SW, NW, Up and Down) also appeared.

Differentiation of night and day, planetary motions, seasons, years, all were born off that seed that appeared in the midst of absolute darkness. Apart from this, anything that can be seen, heard, felt, thought of or understood in this current existence, was all born off that initial Beej. And at the time of MahaPralaya, all that which is born off this beeja will return and become one with it .

That is the nature of this Universe. Just as the Spring season arrives with the blossoming of numerous flowers, and ends with the fall and decay of those very same flowers, This Universe also begins, and when it is time, recedes into itself, and a new universe is born from it. This is the cycle of Samsara, the Kal Chakra. This has always been happening and this will never stop happening. Within this cycle, life is formed, it is born, it evolves, and it dies. That will never stop and this cycle will never be destroyed.

The generation of Devas were 33,333. Of the Devas were as follows Diva putra; Bruhat, Bhanu, Chakshu, Aatma, Vibhavasu, Savita, Rucheeka, Arka, Bhanu, Aashavaha, and Ravi. Ravi became the Muhya (that which established human generations on earth). Take a look at the generations.

Ravi--> Devabhrat --> Subhrat -->DashaJyoti (10,000 children), ShataJyoti (1,00,000 children), SahasraJyoti (10,00,000 children). From these were born the Kuru Vamsha (Pandava and Kaurava race), Yadu Vamsha (Yadava, Krishna’s race etc.), Bharata Vamsha, Yayaati, Iksyaku vamsa and the many other family lines. You will come across them in the future. Even the generations of other animals and plants can be traced back to the grand children of Subhrat. Bhagawan Ved Vyasa observed through his yogic prowess, all knowledge of all living and non-living entities that were born out of the grandchildren of Subhrata. He recalled all the purusharthas, the vedas and all that there is to know while he was in deep tapa in the Talahati cave. As he sat there he observed the entire Mahabharata and the vedic knowledge, and this great historic epic of Mahabharata he witnessed, became the epitome of all transcendental knowledge.

Vyasa deva ensured that the narrations have both easy-short descriptions as well as deep-esoteric ones, so that people of all walks of life can garner the bliss which emanates from this text. From his powers of yoga and brahmacharya, Ved Vyasa used the knowledge of the Vedas to compose this historic Mahabharata. As he composed the verses in his mind, he contemplated as to how he would spread the wisdom of this great cornucopia of transcendental wisdom. Just then, the creator of this universe, Brahmaa Ji appeared before him.

We will find out what Brahma ji advises and where Parvati Nandan Ganesh features in the next entry.

Shrimate Ramanujaya Namaha.

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